Waven was first attracted to electronic music in his teens and began recording demos, serving as a part-time DJ in the college time. Although he was inspired and influenced by the European EDM, especially Trance music, Waven, born in southern Taiwan and grown up in the multicultural environment, would like to fuse diverse local elements into his music. After releasing some singles on the network since 2012, Waven not only produced personal instrumentals but also started his musical collaboration with some aboriginal musicians in Taiwan, including 陳永龍 (Yon Lon Chen) from Puyuma and 徹摩 (Cemelesai) from Paiwan.

Waven,為臺灣新一代DJ及電音製作人,其音樂風格受到Armin van Buuren 之影響,讓他在音樂作品中,出現極具層次感之生命力,已在電音界發表多首音樂作品,他也將華語抒情與台灣原住民族語結合電音節奏,堆疊出迷幻的光景。在全球電音結合現代創作型的創作歌曲做更多元的呈現,擅長的Trance與Progressive曲風,將樂句中流動著音樂和文字與心跳的節奏融合為一。